Get Started with Divi Product Carousel

Divi Product Carousel allows you to edit and style WooCommerce elements using the Divi Builder and create a carousel slider anywhere on your website. This will allow you to utilize the power of Divi to add, remove, and style the WooCommerce Elements into a carousel. Divi Product Carousel plugin displays products of your shop anywhere in an elegant and professional way using a carousel slider. This plugin will require-
  • The latest version of Woo-commerce
  • Latest Version of Divi Theme or Builder.
Here is a brief overview of the divi product carousel module.

How To Add A Product Carousel Module To Your Page?
Once you have entered the Divi Builder, you can click the gray plus button to add a new module to your page. Locate the Divi Product Carousel within the list of modules and click on one to add it to your page. Before that, you need to have a Divi Theme or builder plugin & woo-commerce plugin installed. You can also simply search for it.

Once the module has been added, you will be greeted with the module list of options and a default carousel on your page just like a normal Divi module. These options are separated into three main groups: Content, Design, and Advanced.