How to Add Icon on Menu item? – Multipurpose Theme

To add an icon on the menu we need to go to “Appearance >Menus“

Here you can see already a menu created and selected as the primary menu. All we need to set all the icons for each of the menu items.

Now click on the toggle arrow icon(3) and paste the HTML code into the Navigation label. You can paste it before or after the text.

Here is the icon list with HTML code we used-
Home <i class=’fas fa-home’></i>
About <i class=’fas fa-users’></i>
Services <i class=’fas fa-th-large’></i>
Works <i class=’fas fa-briefcase ‘></i>
Blog <i class=’fas fa-briefcase ‘></i>
Contact <i class=’fas fa-comments’></i>

Well Done! You Added Icon on Menu item. Have a look at the site now.